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vibration PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 24 vibration PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Ambient Vibration-Based Calibration of Finite Element Models of Bridges

Objective. The primary objective of this project is to develop a novel method for calibrating Finite Element models of bridges using ambient vibration data and drone imagery. Read more

Advanced vibration isolation and control for a large suspended optical cavity

The gravitational wave interferometer detectors are the most sensitive instrument in the world. They sense the position change of test masses due to the passing gravitational waves to the precision in the order of 10-20m!  The planned future detectors are aiming to improve the sensitivity 10-fold and broaden the sensitive frequency range. Read more

3D Vibration Assisted Micro Machining of Sculptured Surfaces on Hard-to-machine Materials

High-accuracy micro components or microstructures are increasingly in demand for various industries, such as biomedical engineering, MEMS, electro-optics, aerospace and communications. Read more

Modelling Human-Structure Dynamic Interaction on Lightweight Structures

An ever-increasing use of building materials with high strength-to-weight ratios has led to development of slender and lightweight structures with dazzling forms, especially in case of landmark public structures such as footbridges as well as walkways and corridors between buildings, at airports and shopping centres. Read more

Development of novel materials for acoustic, thermal and vibration applications

  Research Group: Centre For Sustainable Environments
One of the main environmental problems of our time is elastomeric waste pollution. Due to mismanagement or inadequate recycling practices, up to 300 million tons of elastomeric waste ends up annually in landfill, or are discharged into ecosystems, posing potential threats to aquatic and terrestrial life. Read more

Achieving Material Efficiency in Modern Floor Design based on Human Acceptability

Background. The production of construction materials is a significant source of carbon emissions, and the way of achieving low carbon in construction is to enhance material efficiency. Read more

PhD in Structural Dynamics and Health Monitoring of Composite and 3D printed Structures and Systems

KU Leuven consistently ranks among the top 50 universities in the world by major ranking tables with the Department of Mechanical Engineering being ranked amongst the 40 best worldwide. Read more

Unmanned aerial vehicle thrust optimization with ducted propeller in various flight modes

A clear resurgence in ducted fan research in recent years can be noticed due to the growing interest in UAV/MAV (Unmanned/Micro Aerial Vehicle), PAV (Personal Aerial Vehicle) and electric propulsion. Read more

Autonomous Drone Surveys and Convolutional Neural Networks for Bridge Maintenance: A Predictive Approach Using Finite Element Analysis

Objective. The primary objective of this research is to develop a comprehensive framework for bridge maintenance that integrates autonomous drone surveys, convolutional neural networks (CNNs), and Finite Element analysis. Read more

A digital twin-based analysis framework for structural health monitoring of existing masonry structures

In recent decades, structures have experienced increased severity in external actions caused by natural and anthropogenic hazards (earthquakes, floods and fire) due to climate change and global warming. Read more

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