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We have 168 University of Reading PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Myotoxic profiles of invertebrate venoms

We are looking to recruit an excellent student for this 4-year fully funded Medical Research Council PhD studentship to investigate the impacts of selective invertebrate venoms on the modulation of skeletal muscle architecture and function. Read more

Modular and industrialised solutions for building retrofit

More than 85% of the 2050 building stock is already built and almost all will require some form of retrofit/renovation in order to meet global carbon emissions reductions goals. Read more

Low density lipoprotein oxidation and atherosclerosis

Project overview. The research in Professor David Leake’s group is concerned with atherosclerosis, the underlying cause of coronary heart disease and thrombotic strokes. Read more
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Evaluating hedging plants for resistance against Armillaria root rot disease using physiological markers and molecular quantification (qPCR)

Project Overview: . This joint project between University of Reading, Bartlett Tree Experts and the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) will develop new knowledge on the fungal plant pathogen, Armillaria mellea, to help gardeners and landscapers manage and anticipate disease outbreaks. Read more

Understanding the role of livestock management on invertebrate communities of wet pastures

The supervisory team comprises. Glyn Barrett (School of Biological Sciences at the University of Reading), Robin Buxton (Patsy Wood Trust) and Ben Woodcock (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology). Read more

Key molecules derived from enzymatic treatment of wafer batter and their impact on batter rheology

The Food Consortium CTP is an industry-led collaborative programme that aims at developing highly skilled PhD researchers and providing an innovation ecosystem through collaboration and partnership between four major food manufacturers together with Campden BRI and the Haydn Green Institute (Nottingham University Business School). Read more

Examining the mechanisms that cause cardiovascular disease by studying the heart or adipose tissue

Heart failure has a serious impact on our society and once diagnosed has a poor survival rate. In the United Kingdom, there are about 1.5 million people living with the after-effects of a heart attack. Read more

Conservation of pollinator biodiversity and sustainable management of pollination services in agroecosystems

Wild and managed pollinators provide a wide range of benefits to society in terms of contributions to food security, farmer and beekeeper livelihoods, social and cultural values, as well as the maintenance of wider biodiversity and ecosystem stability. Read more

Managing Risk in Projects with Digital Twins

A digital twin is a virtual representation that serves as the real-time digital counterpart of a physical object or a system, such as a built asset or a socio-technical system. Read more

Platelets in health, ageing and disease: new diagnostics and treatments

Platelets are small blood cells that play a vital role in the chronic and acute progression of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD), and also have roles in immunity, inflammation, cancer metastasis, Alzheimer's disease and a range of infections, such as dengue, HIV-1, malaria, and COVID-19. Read more

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