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Fully-funded PhD Scholarships in Linguistics and English Language at Edinburgh

Our fully-funded PhD Scholarships offer an excellent opportunity to join an internationally renowned department within a world-class university

Why a PhD in Linguistics and English Language at Edinburgh?

  • Linguistics and English Language at Edinburgh has an outstanding international reputation in many areas of research.
  • Our large and inter-disciplinary research team work on all aspects of language, from theoretical to applied linguistics. We collaborate with researchers at Edinburgh and around the world in projects covering biology, education, psychology, cognitive science, and speech and language technologies.
  • Benefit from a tradition of excellence in teaching, a historic location, modern facilities and cutting-edge research from world-leading academics.
  • Linguistics and English Language at Edinburgh has access to a wide breadth of research themes, with the greatest theoretical depth that you will find anywhere.
  • Edinburgh University Linguistics has been rated 5th in the world in the QS University rankings (2016 – 17)
  • Our graduate community of over 400 students is international, making the School the ideal environment in which to share ideas, collaborate on research, gain new perspectives and meet like-minded individuals
  • Our historic city - Edinburgh offers a historical heart with a thriving, modern culture and is consistently voted the most desirable place to live in Britain

What do the PhD Scholarships cover?

The PhD Scholarships, funded by the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences cover the full-time tuition fee (UK/EU or overseas level) with an annual stipend of £14,553 for three years (pro rata for part-time students).

Fully-funded PhD Scholarships in Linguistics and English Language at Edinburgh

In which research areas do staff offer supervision?

We can offer expert supervision across a wide range of topics including:

  • Developmental linguistics including first and second language acquisition
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Historical English Linguistics, including the syntax, morphology, and phonology from the earliest periods to the present day
  • Language evolution, the study of the evolution of language was pioneered at Edinburgh
  • Morphology, including word formation, in particular of English and the Germanic languages
  • Phonetics and phonology, including diachronic phonology and the phonology of varieties of English and their history
  • Scots
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Speech technology
  • Syntax and semantics, including theoretical syntax, descriptive syntax of English, diachronic syntax and both lexical and formal semantics
  • Varieties of English, including British varieties and international varieties of English
Fully-funded PhD Scholarships in Linguistics and English Language at Edinburgh

When do I need to apply?

To be considered for this scholarship you must apply for the PhD Linguistics and English Language programme by Friday 24 November 2017. There is no need to apply separately for the Scholarship. Your application will be automatically considered.

Please get in touch with our School Postgraduate Office should you have any questions about applying to the PhD Programme:

T. +44 (0) 131 651 5002

E. pplspg@ed.ac.uk

For more information visit:

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