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Making Knowledge Work at the University of Bradford

University of Bradford

Creating knowledge through research

Study a research degree at the University of Bradford and join our mission to create new knowledge. You’ll work with academic experts to tackle major global challenges and help shape the future of your sector.

Our inspirational students and academics are at the cutting edge of research. Recent achievements include:

  • breakthrough development of a new blood test for cancer
  • the detection of a ‘super-henge’ – potentially the largest Neolithic monument built in Britain
  • investment in 21 research projects related to understanding and responding to COVID-19 and its impact

The Research Excellence Framework (REF 2021) rated 73% of our research as world-leading, internationally excellent or internationally recognised.

Facilities for students

The University is continuously investing in state-of-the-art facilities to enable you to get the most out of your time here, and to help you contribute to world-leading research. Our focus is to engage students in conversation, and there is no better place to do this than the Postgraduate Research Lounge.

The PGR Lounge is a space dedicated for research students (undertaking a PhD programme). If you’re doing a PhD, this Lounge is a place you can call your own, where you can socialise, work, and help each other grow intellectually by having inter-disciplinary conversations.

The PGR lounge supports collaborative work, sharing of ideas, exploring other disciplines, socialising and engaging with extracurricular activities.

Making Knowledge Work at the University of Bradford

Distance learning research degrees

Our new distance learning research degrees allow you to pursue your passion and discover new knowledge from anywhere in the world.

Inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns, we’re taking advantage of new, flexible methods of working and communicating to ensure students have consistent access to materials, resources and support networks.

As we move out of the pandemic, our distance learning options will continue to provide a practical alternative to campus-based study.

Scholarships and funding

View our January 2024 Scholarships here.

Making Knowledge Work at the University of Bradford

Our postgraduate themes

We harness technology for the good of society through our three overarching research themes. We welcome postgraduate research applications related to these themes.

Health and Care

Changing Lives

We’re pioneering new models of healthcare delivery, health promotion and technology-enabled treatment. Our researchers are developing the next generation of cancer drugs – a ‘smart bomb’ that has the potential to destroy solid tumours, made from a natural compound found in the crocus plant.

The Engineered Environment

Pioneering Technology

We apply cutting-edge technology and techniques to major global challenges, working alongside leading industry partners. We’re revolutionising facial recognition technology with Halo. This new system provides unprecedented identification accuracy, capturing quality images and biometric data with high-resolution cameras and software.

Sustainable Societies

Global Development

Our work addresses the big issues facing global society; conflict, poverty, development, climate change, resource security and terrorism. We’re developing new ways of thinking. Our innovative Foreign Direct Investment model has been adopted by the G20 group, helping forge successful partnerships between foreign enterprises and developing countries.

Find out more about studying at the University of Bradford

Break new ground by undertaking a research degree at the University of Bradford. You will join our community of pioneering researchers, pushing the boundaries of research for the benefit of all.

Academic Units

The Faculty of Engineering and Digital Technologies attracts students from around the world and carries out research funded by grant-awarding bodies in the UK and EU, often in partnership with industry. This has fostered a first-class, well-equipped research environment for the benefit of our postgraduate students. The Faculty maintains an impressive reputation for quality in research. From blue skies to fundamental and application oriented cutting edge research is carried out within the three Schools of the Faculty: Engineering; Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Media, Design and Technology. Leading international academics and committed scholars work within the dedicated research groups and centres.

Project List:

We focus on research themes that have a direct impact on the quality of care.
Our research is locally and internationally significant, undertaken in collaboration with NHS and other partners.
Our REF 2014 (Research Excellence Framework) results were outstanding:
92% of our research classified as world leading or internationally excellent
In terms of impact, 100% of our research was judged as world leading or internationally excellent

Project List:

We are the largest faculty in the University and comprise of four Schools and their associated research and knowledge exchange centres.
We are fully engaged in cutting-edge research and seek to apply the knowledge we generate through our extensive links with industry, business and the professions. The majority of our courses are accredited by external bodies and lead to rewarding and highly-regarded careers. Our students experience innovative approaches to teaching and learning in modern and well equipped laboratories and have access to some of the most advanced technology-enhanced learning opportunities in the country.
Our students also benefit from working "on placement" in laboratories, clinics, industrial facilities and archaeological excavations. As well as being excellent and committed teachers, the majority of our academic staff are also active researchers and/or practitioners so our students experience the excitement surrounding new discoveries, and their application, and are aware of the latest developments long before they appear in textbooks.

Project List:

The Faculty of Management, Law and Social Sciences has been working at the cutting edge of research for more than 40 years, attracting leading international academics and committed scholars to work within dedicated research groups.
The School’s research centres provide a wide range of services for international organisations, national governments, local authorities and non-governmental organisations. Our research environment is vibrant, committed, cross disciplinary and outward-looking.
With a highly professional ethos but a welcoming atmosphere, the Faculty continues to build on its reputation for excellence.

Project List:

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