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Mechanistic insight into macromolecular machines

Large multiprotein complexes perform many essential functions in eukaryotic cells. My lab purifies, assays and determines structures of these macromolecular machines to understand their mechanisms. Read more

What makes mammalian cells tick?

Protein homeostasis is essential to the physiological function and viability of eukaryotic cells; particularly neurons, where proteome integrity must be maintained for decades. Read more

Visualization of mammalian telomeric complexes

The ends of linear eukaryotic chromosomes generally consist of tandem G-rich repeats (TTAGGGn in humans), which specifically recruit telomeric protein factors to form large nucleoprotein structures called telomeres. Read more

Molecular mechanisms of SMC Complexes

SMC complexes (cohesin, condensin and others) are essential organisers of genomes in all domains of life. At the centre of their activity is the ability to alter the path of DNA in three dimensions in an energy-dependent fashion. Read more

How signals inside the brain make our brains big

The human brain is unique in many ways, but perhaps the most obvious difference compared with other primates is its size. How the human brain gets to be so large during development specifically in humans is a question that has long intrigued neuroscientists but until recently was difficult to study. Read more

Replicating RNA with RNA

A critical event in the origin of life is thought to have been the emergence of an RNA molecule capable of self-replication as well as mutation, and hence evolution towards ever more efficient replication. Read more

Protein maturation, quality control, and disease

Cells are amazingly organized entities. Their resident proteins, nucleic acids, and small molecules are assembled into functional modules and organized among numerous membrane-bound cellular compartments. Read more

AMPA receptor structure and function

Information transfer in the brain occurs at synapses, where memories are stored as a result of synaptic plasticity processes. AMPA-type glutamate-receptors (AMPA-Rs), major ligand-gated ion channels, are the main mediators of signal transmission, and centrally contribute to synaptic plasticity. Read more

Explainable prediction modelling for early detection of risks in multiple long-term conditions using health records data

Multiple Long-Term conditions (MLTC) are a major healthcare challenge associated with high service utilization and expenditure. In the project, the candidate will help develop robust and explainable AI methods for MLTC risk prediction. Read more

EcoGuardian: Transforming Urban Sustainability with AI-Driven Air Quality Solutions

This project aims to construct an autonomous computer system (purposeful AI) that continuously collects and analyses datasets from various sources, to support fast-paced data-driven decision-making when dealing with recent or emerging crises. Read more

Exploration of deep learning based generative adversarial networks (GANs) to mitigate bias in the evaluation of medical images among diverse population and disease sub-groups

Medical image analysis using Deep Learning models involves training on progressively larger datasets. Homogeneity of data within the training set, particularly in its representation of diverse population sub-groups and various disease stages, substantially influences model effectiveness. Read more

Product design optimisation for automated disassembly and recycling

In order to tackle the triple planetary crisis of climate change, air pollution and biodiversity loss, the current linear economy, which adheres to a take-make-use-dispose philosophy, is being transformed into a circular economy, aims to make more effective use of resources and thus creating a zero waste and emission ecosystem. Read more

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