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Development of exosome nano-therapeutics for cancer treatment

Exosomes are naturally occurring vesicles 50-100 nm in size that facilitate effective cell-to-cell communication. In tumours, cancer and stromal cell populations secrete large number of these exosomes to promote further tumour growth. Read more

Neuroscience of Addiction and Mental Health (one scholarship with option of multiple projects available)

A PhD scholarship valued at $34,863 p.a. (Australian Dollars) is available to undertake research in standardising cannabis metrics, and mapping and mitigating brain and cognitive dysfunction in substance use and related disorders with entrenched mental health problems. Read more

Reliable Edible Collagen Film Processing

Collagens are some of the most naturally abundant proteins and have been used for many years as edible films and coatings providing unique sensory properties where they are used. Read more

Deep Learning based Computer Graphics for Creating Virtual Characters

This project is focused on human motion and body/facial shape data with deep neural network to synthesize virtual characters for computer graphics, animation and games. Read more

Computer Vision with Deep Learning for Human Data Modelling

This project is focused on learning algorithms to model human data such as human images/video, 3D skeletal motion, 3D body/facial surfaces for computer vision tasks such as recognition, prediction and reconstruction. Read more

AI Evaluation of Heart Muscle Function

Applications are invited for a fully funded 3,5 year full-time PhD studentship (including home tuition fees, annual stipend and consumables) starting on 1st October 2023. Read more

Enabling a sustainable future for composite assets in demanding environments through a validated lifetime predictive methodology

The ongoing need for lightweight, corrosion resistant, low maintenance structures in environmentally challenging applications in renewable energy (e.g., wind turbines), has led to an increased use of advanced polymer composites. Read more

Plasma catalysis for sustainable production of fuels and chemicals

We are seeking to recruit 3 enthusiastic, highly motivated PhD students to work on emerging plasma catalysis for the sustainable production of fuels and chemicals through the activation of small and inert molecules (e.g., CO. Read more

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