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Data analytics to disentangle molecular level interactions in microbiomes

We have an exciting opportunity for a PhD student with an interest in data analytics to join our team working on the BBSRC funded SLoLa project “Rules of life in CO2-driven microbial communities. Read more

Machine Learning for Position Location

Position location, which in general comprises Direction of Arrival (DOA) and Time of Arrival (TOA) estimation, is an important area of research in many applications, including Radar signal processing and Fifth Generation (5G) and Sixth Generation (6G) commercial wireless systems. Read more

Technologies for optogenetic neural interfacing

The ability to express light-sensitive proteins (opsins) in neurons, in a genetically-targeted fashion, has helped transform our understanding of how the brain functions. Read more

Photo-chemical adaptive integrated circuits for next generation neuromorphic computing

Neuromorphic computing, i.e., an approach to information processing inspired in basic morphology and working principles of the brain, is a rapidly growing area of research due to the availability of high-speed hardware and need for artificial intelligence (AI) systems across a wide range of applications. Read more

Neuromorphic photonic-electronic integrated circuits for fast and efficient SPIKE-based information PROcessing (SPIKEPRO)

The human brain is exceptional at performing highly complex tasks fast and efficiently. Hence, neuromorphic (brain-like) information processing is receiving increasing research interest for use in novel computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) hardware. Read more

Fully-funded PhD Studentship in Mathematics

The Mathematical Modelling of Structures, Solids and Fluids research group are offering a fully-funded studentship for an outstanding candidate to study for a PhD in Mathematics at Aberystwyth University. Read more

Microstructure-flow interplay in 3D printing: linking structure, rheology and printability of bespoke and commercial formulations

A PhD studentship is open as part of a 4 year £1.6M UKRI Future Research Leaders Fellowship - Smart formulations for manufacturing of functional three-dimensional hierarchical structures (£1.6m), which Dr García-Tuñón holds. Read more

Unveiling and enhancing nature-based solutions for mitigating emerging micropollutants - PhD

This exciting fully funded PhD, with an enhanced stipend of £24,000 per annum (with fees covered), will deliver a comprehensive understanding of micropollutant removal in different types of nature-based solutions (NbS) for water and wastewater treatment. Read more

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