PhD Study in France– 2023
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PhD Study in France – 2023

Thinking of doing a PhD in France? The country has produced the likes of Claude Monet, René Descartes and Gustave Eiffel (to name a few) and is steeped in art, history and culture. No wonder more than 250,000 international students choose to complete their postgraduate study in France. From a variety of specialised courses to affordable tuition fees, France has a lot to offer.

Why study a PhD in France?

  • Research and innovation hub – Did you know that France has produced 72 Nobel laureates? It’s not surprising given the French government’s emphasis on supporting research at higher education institutions in the country. This means more opportunities for innovation, research and funding wherever you study.
  • Affordability – PhD fees in France are fixed by the State, and international students pay the same amount as French students, making it one of the more affordable study destinations in Europe.
  • Specialisations – The French higher education system is proud of its specialisations. Many institutions, like the Grandes Ecoles and Schools of Arts and Applied Sciences, focus solely on providing teaching and courses in specialised areas.
  • Live à la Française – Good food (primarily wine and cheese!) are an essential part of French culture and as a PhD student you’ll have the chance to experience it all. Not to forget the art and culture you’ll be exposed to on a daily basis. After all, France is not just a country, it’s a lifestyle!

If you’re interested in studying your PhD in France, we’ve covered everything you need to know in our guides including applications, visas and funding.

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Last Updated: 26 April 2023