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DTA - Polar Oxide Surfaces in the Real-World: Exploring Stability and Reactivity

  Research Group: Metallurgy and Corrosion
Driven by the pertinence of inorganic oxide surfaces across a diverse range of fields, such as solar energy and corrosion control, fundamental investigation of model (e.g. Read more

DTA - Engineered thermal properties of 2D materials

This project aims to understand how the thermal transport properties of 2D materials can be engineered through controlled modification of scattering and energy dispersion of acoustic phonons. Read more

DTA - Rethinking physical and chemical properties of innovative bio-based materials through the lens of Microfibre Pollution (MFP)

The development and use of innovative fibres such as, plant/fruit/protein-based fibres (e.g., bamboo viscos, modal, Seacell, spider silk) are seen as sustainable alternatives to tackle various challenges in the fashion industry, ranging from water, air and chemical pollution to most recently microfiber pollution (MFP). Read more

DTA - Whole viral genome transfection to generate in-vitro models of disease

During the course of our ongoing research it has become clear that a major limitation to developing vaccines, treatments and ultimately the study of veterinary viruses is the ability to obtain infectious viral samples and transfect those into appropriate cell lines. Read more

Highly Electrophilic Nitrenium Radicals: Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Applications

A fully funded EPSRC studentship is available for a highly motivated outstanding chemist to undertake in the field of main group synthesis, frustrated Lewis pair catalysis, and EPR spectroscopy. Read more

A non-invasive robotic capsule for oral delivery of peptides and proteins

While significant advances have been made in administrating these biologics through the parental routes, delivering these molecules orally remains a major challenge for pharmaceutical industry. Read more

Self-folding surfaces for tunable microwave metamaterials (CDT in Metamaterials, PhD in Physics/Engineering)

The University of Exeter is looking for an enthusiastic, highly motivated student for a multidisciplinary project exploring the physics and applications arising from combining self-folding 2D surfaces with electromagnetic metamaterials. Read more

Teagasc PhD Walsh Scholarship - “Digestive behaviour of alternative plant-based proteins – UproDigest”

Background. Protein is the most important food macronutrient for growth. It provides the essential amino acids that are required by the body to maintain bone, muscle and tissue, and for the production of vital components such as hormones, enzymes and immunoglobulins. Read more

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