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We have 157 architecture PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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architecture PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 157 architecture PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Doctorate by Design in Landscape Architecture

The Doctorate by Design from the University of Sheffield, is the first PhD programme in the UK in which you can combine creative practice, with critical analysis in Landscape Architecture. Read more

Exploring the psychological impact of historic architecture

There is a wealth of research showing the benefits of natural environments on physical and psychological health and this has arguably led to a perception that nature is “good”, and the built environment is “bad”. Read more

PhD Degrees in the Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering

Our interdisciplinary approach to research, encompassing the fields of Architectural History and Theory, Architectural and Structural Conservation, Lightweight Structures, Hydraulics and Earthquake Engineering and Dynamics and Climate Resilience of the Built Environment. Read more

Discover Doctoral Opportunities in Architecture

The University is rated consistently in the top 100 QS World University Rankings, priding itself on research-led critical thinking that aims to make an impact in the world. Read more

Architecture and pataphysics, the science of imaginary solutions

We are principally interested, in the present call for PhD applications, in the ongoing mutations of the practice of architecture as one of world-building, emphasising relations between architectural imaginaries and literary, media and scientific practices. Read more

MSc by Research: Regulation of Architecture in Barley

Plant architecture, or body plan, plays a key role in determining grain yield of crop plants. However, we have little understanding of the molecular genetic basis of architecture in the temperate cereals such as barley (Hordeum vulgare L.), especially in comparison to the warm weather crops such as rice (Oryza sativa). Read more

University of Liverpool - School of the Arts

The University of Liverpool's School of the Arts (SoTA) draws together a unique set of research and teaching expertise found across five departments in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Read more

Depositional controls on subsurface architecture in reservoirs and repositories: A reservoir modelling study. SAFARI5

The SAFARI project is a Joint Industry Project which has been running for 14 years which is starting it’s fifth phase. The overall goal of SAFARI  is to facilitate access to geological analogue data for improved understanding of subsurface reservoir and repositories. Read more

PhDs in Natural and Built Environment

Our research seeks to understand the impact of social, environmental, and economic changes on society, drawing on this understanding to contribute to the better design and planning of spaces and places. Read more

Development of readout architecture for ultra-high resolution radiation sensors

Silicon sensors have been the key instrument for enabling all the great discoveries at particle accelerators over the last few decades. Read more

Inflorescence architecture in the laboratory and field

Plant form is shaped by both genetics and environment; changes in response to temperature can be the most dramatic of all. Many plants synchronize flowering with spring by sensing and storing an epigenetic ‘memory’ of cold, which then affects the timing, morphology and productivity of the inflorescence produced. Read more

The epigenomic, transcriptional and diagnostic architecture of neurodevelopmental disorders caused by exposure to maternal infection

A fundamental unknown in understanding mechanisms of disease, and therefore improving therapy, is how stressors experienced during critical developmental periods influence the genesis or ‘programming’ of adult disease (Estes & McAllister 2016). Read more

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