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Deep Learning and Computer Vision for Forensic Analysis and the Interpretation of Footwear Marks.

Footwear marks – impressions left by the sole of a shoe – are a key evidence type used to associate footwear to a place where a criminal activity may have occurred or as an intelligence tool used to link places together. Read more

Engineering bacterial biofilms to protect plants against fungal pathogens

Are you interested in using microbiology and microscopy to visualise plant-microbe interactions?. Bacterial biocontrol agents can provide protection against fungal plant pathogens. Read more

PhD studentship in Economics and Computation

The aim of this project is to study economic environments such as game theoretic environments, fair division or social choice theory from the perspective of algorithms, mechanism and computational complexity. Read more

Identifying New Antimicrobials against S. aureus in Chronic Wound Biofilms

Applications are invited for an exciting 4-year fully funded PhD studentship to commence on 1st January 2023. This PhD project is part of a larger cohort of studentships supported by the National Biofilms Innovation Centre Collaborative Training Partnerships Scheme. . Read more

Towards a Wilder Peak: quantifying Peak District land-use change impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services past, present and future

Biodiversity underpins the provision of many ecosystem services essential for human well-being. However, the UK underperforms for biodiversity conservation and traditional site-based conservation is evidently insufficient to reverse species loss and secure ecosystem function. Read more

Desinging new sucrose replacers for bakery products that mimic physical and sensory properties

Sugar hygroscopicity and plascitizing properties define the final textural properties of the resultsing bakery products. By understanding these physical properties new and novel molecules could be defined to mimic sucrose technological functionalities in biscuits and cakes. Read more

PhD in the renal-bone axis, inflammation and diet (SCHOENMAKERS_U23FMH)

Vacancy for a PhD studentship in the Musculoskeletal Medicine Group (. Read more

Robotic Exoskeletons Controlled by Brain-Computer Interfaces

Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) can establish the direct pathway between human brain and external equipment. BCIs can be used for motor rehabilitation for stroke patients, which may enable the patients perform independent training and therapy actives in combination with exoskeletons. Read more

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