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Wireless Smart Tremor Detection and Inhibition System

Essential tremor (ET) and Parkinson’s disease (PD) are two of the most common adult-onset tremor disorders which cause shaking of different parts of patient’s body. Read more

Computational modelling and risk assessment of heavy rainfall impacts on transport infrastructure

Description of the project. This highly exciting project help to address one of the most challenging engineering problems – adapting to climate change, and help the student to learning highly sought-after skills and knowledge for a wide range of career paths. Read more

Family Based Care/UTAS Reablement This project is available to domestic (Australian and New Zealand) residents only. Read more

Photocatalytic editing of complex molecules

The development of molecular editing platforms, the process by which single atoms can be inserted or deleted selectively in or around a molecule’s skeleton, would be transformative to synthetic chemists across industry and academia for the streamlined development of new drugs. Read more

Predicting the Chemical Reactivity of Industrially Important Processes

Background. The prediction of the outcome of chemical reactions has long been a holy grail for synthetic chemists as it will allow the selection of the most efficient pathways to prepare high value commodity compounds. Read more

Effects of exercise on brain function, food craving, and appetite

Unhealthy dietary choice is one of the major causes of obesity, cardiovascular disease (CVD), and Type 2 diabetes (T2D). Despite evidence suggesting that a healthy diet reduces the risk of obesity, CVD and T2D, the impulse to consume highly palatable foods is difficult to be inhibited. Read more

Chemistry PhD Studentship: Conjugated Organometallics and Main Group Compounds for Molecular Conductors

  Research Group: Chemistry
The continuing drive toward electronic miniaturisation, and increased efficiency of energy utilisation and transfer, provides an impetus for the development of discrete molecular species exhibiting conductive and/or other electro-active behaviour. Read more

3D behaviour of masonry arch bridges

Almost half of all bridge spans currently carrying road and rail traffic in the UK are masonry arches. Many of these are much loved structures, of significant cultural and historic interest. Read more

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