Scholarships for PhD Students in France
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Scholarships for PhD Students in France

Written by Taru Medha

PhD fees in France

PhD fees in France are fixed at a particular rate by the State. Home and international students pay the same rate at the doctoral level.

All PhD students at state-funded universities are required to pay €380 per year as a tuition fee. Since a French PhD lasts around four years, you’d be looking to pay around €1,580 in tuition fees for the entire duration of your degree.

However, there are always additional administrative costs to consider when planning your budget. Private institutions set their own tuition fee and are usually higher than the fee at state-funded universities. Tuition fees at private French universities can range between €3,000-€10,000.

PhD scholarships for international students in France

Even though PhD fees in France are fixed, it is a huge commitment to fund the entire four years of your course. Not to forget your living costs as well. You can choose from a number of funding options available for both national and international students

Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programme

The Eiffel programme is a prestigious scholarship scheme, designed to attract the best international postgraduates to study in France. It awards a variety of funding at both Masters and PhD level, including bursaries for complete degrees, as well as support for periods of study mobility.

Eiffel funding for PhD students is awarded for a maximum of 18 months. You will be awarded a €1,700 monthly allowance, along with medical insurance, subsidised housing and international round-trip airfares.

CROUS Scholarships

The CROUS Scholarships are awarded by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and are means tested. If you are awarded one, you will receive up to €571.30 per month to cover accommodation and living costs, depending on your level of need.

Conventions Industrielles de Formation par la Recherche (CIFRE)

As part of the Conventions Industrielles de Formation par la Recherche (CIFRE), you will complete a 3-year full-time work contract leading to PhD research for a French company and French public laboratory. You will receive €23,484 per year.

Other doctoral employment contracts

A doctoral contract (contrat doctoral) is a job placement within a research laboratory. These are mainly offered within public institutions (to students of any nationality).

You will receive benefits such as a PhD salary and social security, however you will also be subject to income tax.

The contract is for three years and is renewable for one year. There are two types of contract (and two levels of PhD salary): research only (lower pay grade) and research + professional tasks (teaching).

There are a number of other scholarships available for international students, such as the Horizon Europe Scheme or the Erasmus Mundus funding that you might be eligible for. Regional authorities also provide funding for foreign students in their region.

You can find more information on how much you can expect to spend during your time as a PhD student in France on our living in France guide.

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Last Updated: 13 November 2023