We found ours

Each year, millions of potential students visit FindAPhD.com. Many of these go on to find and apply for their perfect PhD project or programme. We invited those who’ve found their PhD with us to highlight their thoughts and experiences of using FindAPhD.com. Here’s a sample of some of the responses we received:

Sian Williamson - PhD Research in communication of benign biopsy results in breast cancer screening PhD, University of Warwick

"I would not have found a fully funded PhD without FindAPhD.com. Every single place I applied for came from there, and made searching for my ideal spot easy. The application process was simplified, which made the whole experience less stressful. I always recommend the website to other prospective students to get them started."

Asha Hassan - PhD Immunology, University of Nottingham

"I am currently in my third and final year of my studies (PhD Immunology). I can only be grateful for the amazing opportunities here at the University of Nottingham, immensely proud of the ground ing research conducted, where I am looking forward to becoming a future alumnus. Finally a great thank you to the advertisement on FindAPhD who have helped me find this research project; further cementing my career aspiration and giving me renewed motivation!"

Dionysia Lymperatou - PhD Pharmacy, University of Cardiff

"Keep an eye on FindAPhD. This site changed my life!"

Ed Pace - PhD Chemistry/Physics, University of Edinburgh

"I started out as a chemist, and thanks to FindAPhD I'm now a high pressure physicist!"

Lindsey Male - PhD Biological Sciences, Aberystwyth University

"Couldn't believe when I found my perfect PhD on findaPhD.com and now I'm happily working away!"

Ewan Richardson - PhD Diamide Resistance in Plutella xylostella, University of Cardiff

"I have found my dream PhD, and I certainly would not have done so without help from FindAPhD.com!"

Geoffrey Smith - PhD Chemistry, Queen Mary University of London

"I always wanted to work in drug discovery and found my PhD position through findaphd.com. Four years later I have just graduated with my doctorate and got the job I always wanted."

Emily Burns - PhD Analytical Chemistry, University of York

"I'm from Canada so finding funding in Europe can be difficult. Findaphd.com was very helpful in narrowing the search to positions I could actually apply for."

Shaun Geaney - PhD Quantum Physics PhD, Royal Holloway University

"Using FindAPhD.com I was quickly able to find a subject course that closely matched my research interests from institutes all over the UK and the world before finally settling at a joint collaboration with Royal Holloway and The National Physical Laboratory."

Zarulazam Eusofe - PhD Civil Engineering, University of Birmingham

"I would like to express my gratitude to findaphd.com for connecting me with my supervisor, Dr. Harry Evdorides from the University of Birmingham. The website helped me a lot in finding the most suitable supervisor and topic for my research, which has made my PhD journey amazing. Thumbs up!!"

Chelsea Davis - PhD Parasitology PhD, Aberystwyth University

"The website helped me discover what PhD opportunities were available within the UK that suited my interests and qualifications, as well as, how to apply for them."

Emma Jordan - Mres, Translational Cancer Medicine, Kings College London

"Without FindAPhD, my dream of studying a DPhil at Oxford next year wouldn't be a reality. Thank you!"

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