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Posted on 22 Sep '23

Top 5 Most International Universities in the USA

USA is home to more than one million international students studying at some of the top-ranking universities in the world (23 out of the top 50 universities worldwide according to Times Higher Education are in the US!).

A higher percentage of international student and staff, research collaborations and overall global reputation make some of these universities more appealing than the rest. We’ve looked at some of the most international universities in the USA (according to Times Higher Education).

#1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ranking 36th worldwide, MIT is the most international university in the US. 42% of graduate students are international and the university has produced notable international alumni like Kofi Annan, ex-Secretary General of the UN. Initiatives like Global MIT and funding opportunities through programmes like the MIT International Science and Technology Initiative (MISTI) cement its position as a global institution.

#2 California Institute of Technology

With 44% of their postgraduate cohort from outside the USA, Caltech is the second most international university in the US and the 50th in the world. They celebrate their students who have taken the big step of studying abroad with an annual Study Abroad Day where you can share your story with others!

#3 Harvard University

Not only is Harvard University the second highest ranked university in the world, but it’s also the 54th most international in the world. It boasts of more than 8,000 current international students and around 52,000 living international alumni. There is plenty of student funding for global research which you can access as a Harvard University student. The university also founded Harvard X (part of EdX) which offers short courses and micro degrees in partnership with universities from across the world.

#4 Stanford University

Stanford university welcomes graduate students from 123 countries which make up 35% of the cohort. It’s no surprise that they are the fourth most international university in the country and 56th in the world. It prioritises global research and funding through the King Centre on Global Development, which offers funding opportunities and followships for graduate students working on themes like gender and equity, environment and climate change and health, among others

#5 Georgia Institute of Technology

Last but not least is Georgia Tech which is placed at the 60th most international university in the world. 40% of their graduate cohort are international. If you’re a student at Georgia Tech, you can take advantage of the Global Research and Internship Programme through which you can find internships globally giving you the chance to gain international work experience.

Here is a full list of the top 10 most international universities in the USA and how that compares to their respective overall world rankings:

10 most international universities in the USA
University Most International Rank 2023 World University Rank 2023
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 36 5
California Institute of Technology 50 6
Harvard University 54 2
Stanford University 56 =3
Georgia Institute of Technology 60 38
Princeton University 62 7
Carnegie Mellon University 63 28
University of California, Berkeley 64 8
Columbia University =65 =11
Cornell University 69 20

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Last Updated: 22 September 2023