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PhDiary #1: “Everything is on Fire, but This is Fine” - My First Week

Welcome to our PhDiary! To kick this series off, Hannah reminisces about her first week as a History PhD student. From the fiery flames of stress to the warm moments of success, hopefully her story can offer some insight and solace.

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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome – 4 Tips for PhD Students

Doubting your abilities? Feeling like a fraud? This post is for you!

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The Four Stages of a PhD

Each year of a PhD brings a set of new experiences and challenges. So if you're looking to start a doctorate soon, here's a little sneak peak at what you're in for.

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Transferable PhD Skills – and What They *Really* Mean

We've taken a light-hearted look at the true translation of the transferable skills you'll gain during a PhD.

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My Supervisor’s an Alien

Ever thought your supervisor acts a bit strange? Do they have odd habits or not seem to sleep? If you answered yes then they might be an alien. They're more common than you think!

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Arts vs Science: Let’s Talk About Failure

For this next edition of Arts vs Science we look at failure. Everyone experiences failure at some point during their PhD so we think it's important to share these experiences.

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PhD Firsts: A Timeline of Doctoral Research

Did you know the PhD has been around since the twelfth century?In this blog let us take you through the sands of time and remember some of world's PhD firsts.

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6 Tips for Acing Your Online Postgraduate Interview

As more interviews are being conducted online, we've curated some new top tips for acing your postgraduate interview!

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How Not to Apply for a PhD

What does a truly bad PhD application really look like? It looks something like this. Make sure yours doesn't!

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10 Feelings You’ll Have Starting a PhD

Starting a PhD can be pretty scary. If you're wondering how your first couple of weeks might go then check out this blog where Hannah recounts her personal experience.

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