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Posted on 14 Jun '23

What Do I Need to Know About Studying in Ireland as an International Student?

Although a small country, Ireland is home to thousands of international students from all over the world.

To help get you settled in the thriving community, we’ve listed all the key things you need to know about postgraduate study in Ireland. We’ve covered everything from applications all the way through to graduate employment.

You may have to pay to apply

Many universities in Ireland use a separate organisation to manage postgraduate applications and online registration. The Postgraduate Application Centre (PAC) is easy to use however it does charge a €50 processing fee.

Make sure to check if the university you’re applying to uses PAC so you can budget the additional expense.

All courses are in English

While Irish is the official language of Ireland, English is more commonly spoken. All universities run programmes in English so you may need to take a language test to prove your proficiency. If you’ve already completed a degree in English, then this may not be necessary.

You also won’t need to speak Irish to work – although why not pick up a language lesson or two!

International students pay higher tuition

Non-EU/EEA international students are charged a higher rate for PhD study in Ireland. The tuition fee will largely be determined by the programme you’re enrolled in. For instance, a PhD in History will cost significantly less than a course in Business Studies.

Make sure to read the costs associated with your course carefully so you can budget accordingly.

There are plenty of funding options available

While Ireland can be fairly expensive, and you may end up paying higher tuition, there are many scholarships and financial aid opportunities to help manage your expenses.

The government has lots of funding available for international students, including scholarships offering tuition cover, living cost stipends and additional costs budgets. Masters students are also eligible for Research Council scholarships, which offer tuition contributions alongside the annual stipend. You can read more about Irish scholarship opportunities and aid budgets available to international students on our website.

Non-EU students will need a visa

As with most European countries, non-EU/EEA students will need a visa. You will also need to register with the appropriate immigration service on arrival in the country. Currently, this costs €300. You can find out more about the visa application process in our guide.

Great post-study work opportunities

One of the great things about studying in Ireland is that the government is keen to keep international graduates. EU/EEA graduates are free to stay in the country and seek work. Non-EU international graduates have the option to enrol on the Third Level Graduate Scheme which allows you up to 24 months to find full-time employment after you’ve finished your degree.

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Last Updated: 14 June 2023