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Posted on 13 Jul '23

The 5 Most Popular Subjects to Study in Ireland

Do you want to study a PhD in Ireland but you’re not quite sure which subject to choose?

We’ve taken a look at our own search data to give you the five most popular subjects for postgraduate study in Ireland.

#1 Biochemistry

Top of the list is a PhD in Biochemistry! Ireland is a leader in Biochemistry research with some of the top universities in the country focussing on areas such as enzymology, structural biology, cancer biology and many more. You’ll be following in the footsteps of eminent researchers like Edward Joseph Conway who is credited with breakthroughs in the field of electrolyte physiology and analytic chemistry.

Find a Biochemistry PhD in Ireland.

#2 Molecular Biology

Following closely behind Biochemistry, and keeping on theme, we have a PhD in Molecular Biology. Research institutes like the Pharmaceutical and Molecular Biotechnology Research Centre (PMBrc) in Ireland are dedicated to Molecular Biology research focussing on areas such as microbial genetics and metagenomics.

PhD students can benefit from the latest research technology and networking opportunities with industry experts!

Find a Molecular Biology PhD in Ireland.

#3 Biomedical Engineering

Ireland has been a leader in Biomedical Engineering research and is credited with inventions like the modern stethoscope and the portable defibrillator. Today, institutes like the SFI Centre for Advanced Materials are at the forefront of research in areas such as neural engineering and regenerative medicine.

Find a Biomedical Engineering PhD in Ireland.

#4 Biotechnology

Some of the biggest biotech companies in the world like Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline have offices and operations in Ireland.

Universities in Ireland are focussing on research in areas such as cell biology, genomics and bioprocessing, to name a few. Biotechnology PhD students can benefit from research and networking opportunities and a booming scientific environment once they graduate!

Find a Biotechnology PhD in Ireland.

#5 Microbiology

Ireland is home to microbiology research institutes like the APC Microbiome which focuses on research areas such as the link between diet, microbes and mental health and the discovery of molecules for therapeutics and functional foods.

You’ll be able to choose from prestigious universities that are at the forefront of microbiology research and offer cutting-edge research technology.

Find a Microbiology PhD in Ireland.

Find a PhD in Ireland

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Last Updated: 13 July 2023