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Posted on 21 Sep '23

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Canada

Canada is one of the most popular destinations to study a postgraduate degree. Not only is the country home to some of the top ranked universities in the world but Canada also offers generous post-study work opportunities.

If you think Canada might be an option for your postgraduate degree, then it’s worth learning a little about the country. We’ve put together ten interesting facts that you might not know about Canada.

#1 Canadian postgrad degrees are all about practical skills

Both Canadian Masters and PhDs often include work experience and placement opportunities. Depending on your subject, you might also find yourself on field trips or working on industry projects. Canada’s skill-focused education model makes the country very attractive for many prospective students.

#2 Excellent post-study work opportunities

Once you’ve completed your degree you may also have the option to stay and work in the country. The Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) allows those who studied on a programme for more than eight months to live and work in the country for the same length of time as it took to complete their degree. You can read more about the permit in our Canadian visa guide.

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#3 Over 200 nationalities are represented in Canadian universities

Canada is not only a popular location with students but it attracts people all over the world to work and study. Over 200 nationalities are represented in Canadian universities and the city of Toronto is often referred to as the most multicultural city on Earth. No matter where you’re from, Canada’s diverse community will be welcoming!

#4 Canada is the second-largest country in the world.

If you’re considering studying in Canada, make sure to do your research as it’s the second-largest country in the world. Spanning over six time zones, Canada is actually larger than the entire European Union. So whether you’re looking for a bustling city in the east or some stunning hiking trails in the west, there’s plenty on offer to explore.

#5 The country has the longest highway in the world

With the country’s size in mind, Canada also has the longest highway in the world. The Trans-Canada highway stretches over 4,700 miles, or 7,600km. If you love long road trips, this might present the perfect holiday activity.

#6 The country can have extreme weather

You’ll also have to make sure to pack appropriate clothing. While most people know Canada can get very cold, some areas also face extreme weather fluctuations. In 1962 Pincher Creek, Alberta, the temperature was recorded to shift from -19 degrees centigrade to 22 degrees within an hour. When you’re packing your woolly jumpers, make sure to also bring your shorts!

#7 There are more doughnut shops per capita than any other country

Perhaps taking down the US stereotype, Canada is actually the doughnut centre of the world as there are more shops per capita than any in other country. Of course, many of these are Tim Hortons which is famous for the delectable Timbits. If you’re craving a bit of sugar to get you through an intense study session, you shouldn’t have far to go.

#8 Over half the lakes in the world are in Canada

If driving on a long highway or hiking in the mountains isn’t necessarily your idea of fun for the holidays, then how about a week in a lake house? Canada has the most lakes in the world by a long stretch, so you won’t be hard pushed to find some serene landscapes to relax in. Two of the largest lakes include Great Bear Lake and Great Slave Lake, both located in the Northwest Territories.

#9 You have to try the famous ice wine

If you enjoy an alcoholic drink at the end of a hard day’s work, then make sure to try Canada’s famous ice wine. Made from pressed frozen grapes, this tipple is typically served as a dessert wine due to its sweetness.

#10 Pineapple on pizza was the invention of an Ontario man

If all the points so far have sounded great, this one might be a little controversial. Although named the Hawaiian pizza, pineapple was actually first used as a topping by a man in Ontario in 1962. We know many of you are passionate about this debate so hopefully the many other exciting things about Canada may help you forgive and forget!

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Last Updated: 21 September 2023