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Posted on 3 Oct '23

7 Things To See As An International Student in Eastern Canada

Canada is a popular destination to study a postgraduate degree abroad. Not only does Canada have some world-renowned universities and career opportunities, but it also has beautiful landscapes and exciting adventures.

If you’re planning to study a Masters or PhD in Canada, we’ve listed the top seven things to see and do in eastern Canada. Don’t worry if you’re in the west of the country, we’ve still got you covered with a whole other blog!

#1 Rideau Canal

Built in the 19th century, this 200 km canal connects the Ottawa River to Lake Ontario. You can either hop on a boat to explore the canal or cycle or drive alongside. In the wintertime, a portion of the canal passing through central Ottawa is transformed into an ice-skating rink.

#2 History tour in Kingston

Steeped in Canadian history is the small town of Kingston in Ontario. The former capital of Canada, the town is still known today for its quaint streets and scenic spots. You can visit the historical Fort Henry and also the beautiful (as the name suggests!) Bellevue House, residence of the first Prime Minister of Canada.

#3 Niagara Falls

Stradling the border of Canada and USA, the Niagara Falls are a must visit. For those on the Canadian side, the Falls are located in the Ontario region, and you can enjoy some of the best views from the Queen Victoria Park. The waterfalls are equally jaw dropping from land, but for the more adventurous, you can take a boat ride underneath the falls or a helicopter ride for some amazing aerial views.

#4 Gros Morne National Park

Located in the Newfoundland and Labrador region, this UNESCO world heritage site offers some breathtaking natural beauty. You can take in the magnificent fjords and towering cliffs on one of the many hiking trails inside the park. Some popular hikes are around the titular Gros Morne Peak or the Tablelands, where the Earth’s mantle is exposed.

#5 Iceberg viewing

One of the benefits of being in a cold region, the coast between Labrador and Newfoundland is often brimming with icebergs. Usually confined to a stretch of water termed the Iceberg Alley, the best time of the year to spot some icebergs is between late May to early June. There are plenty of shoreline viewpoints including St. Lewis, Battle Harbour, Twillingate and Cape St. Mary’s. You can also take a boat expedition out to sea for a closer look.

#6 Prince Edward Island

This island is known for its red sand beaches and clear blue waters. But that’s not all. Food lovers can enjoy some of the best seafood in Canada along with some independent wineries and creameries. Prince Edward Island is also a must visit for literature lovers and fans of the children’s book Anne of Green Gables whose setting is inspired by a real farmhouse on the island! Now also a tourist experience, the Green Gables Heritage Place is open from May till October.

#7 Whale spotting

The Bay of Fundy, located between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, is often visited by whales during the summer and early fall. You may be able to spot Humpbacks, Minke and Finback whales for the main act and often dolphins, seals and sharks also like to make special appearances. You can hop onto an organised boat tour from several ports in New Brunswick or Nova Scotia.

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