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Blog posts with tag 'Student Voices'

Here you can stay up to date with important postgraduate news, funding developments, international study advice and humour.

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 by Christopher Aris
, posted on 15 Feb '18

What Self-Funding a PhD Has Taught Me - Thoughts and Tips for Prospective Students

Thinking about self-funding your PhD? In this blog, Christopher shares his experience of doing just that, along with the pros and cons of this approach.

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 by Emma Burnett
, posted on 1 Feb '18

Jumping Ship - Switching University During a PhD

Can you move university after your project starts? And why should you? Emma reflects on her experiences and looks at a few of the reasons for transferring during a PhD.

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 by Anh Hoang Le
, posted on 17 Nov '17

Brace Yourself, the Journey is Getting Bumpy – PhD Life, One Year In

PhD research doesn't always go smoothly, but what matters is how you deal with the problems you encounter. Read Anh's story.

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 by Melanie Brown
, posted on 3 Nov '17

PhDebut - Reflecting on the First Month of My Doctorate

How does it feel to get started with a PhD? And what do new doctoral students actually do? We asked Melanie to reflect on the first month of her PhD in Law.

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 by Ben Taylor
, posted on 5 Oct '17

Learning a New Language While Studying Abroad – What's it Actually Like?

Picking up an additional language can enhance your CV and make postgraduate study even more fulfilling. Here's how to give it a try.

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 by Emma Burnett
, posted on 20 Sep '17

Putting it off? Bring it on! - Starting a PhD in Your Thirties

Committing to a doctorate can be tough, especially when you already have a career - and a young family. Read Emma's story.

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 by Melanie Brown
, posted on 6 Sep '17

How I (Eventually) Won a PhD Studentship - and How You can Boost Your Chances of Success

What's it like to actually apply for a PhD studentship? And what should you do if you aren't successful? One student shares her recent experiences.

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 by Ben Morrison
, posted on 15 Aug '17

PhD Persistence – The Winding Road to a Perfect Project

Should you always accept the first PhD you're offered? Or hold on for that perfect project? Ben shares his experience in this post.

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 by Tamar Beck
, posted on 9 Aug '17

Tackling a PhD with a Long-Term Health Condition – One Student’s Story

A disability or health problem might make a PhD more challenging, but it can also be a source of inspiration and drive. Read one student's story.

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 by Anh Hoang Le
, posted on 3 May '17

A PhD Doesn’t Have to be Lonely – Settling in as an International Postgraduate

Studying abroad can offer excellent opportunities for PhD research. But moving to a new country (and adjusting to a new culture) can be challenging. Anh Hoang Le reflects on his experience and offers some advice.

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