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 by Hannah Slack
, posted on 8 Oct '20

PhDiary #1: “Everything is on Fire, but This is Fine” - My First Week

Welcome to our PhDiary! To kick this series off, Hannah reminisces about her first week as a History PhD student. From the fiery flames of stress to the warm moments of success, hopefully her story can offer some insight and solace.

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 by Cian Rynne
, posted on 23 Sep '20

The Benefits and Challenges of an Industry-Funded PhD

Compared to ‘academic’ doctorates, industry-funded PhDs come with a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Here’s how you can make the most of them and prepare yourself for potential issues.

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 by Melanie Brown
, posted on 24 Aug '20

How I (Eventually) Won a PhD Studentship - and How You can Boost Your Chances of Success

What's it like to actually apply for a PhD studentship? And what should you do if you aren't successful? One student shares her experiences.

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 by Hannah Slack
, posted on 20 Aug '20

10 Feelings You’ll Have Starting a PhD

Starting a PhD can be pretty scary. If you're wondering how your first couple of weeks might go then check out this blog where Hannah recounts her personal experience.

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 by Sam Frampton
, posted on 8 Jun '20

Jumping Back in – Leaving Work to Start a PhD

Now could be a good time to revisit those PhD plans, but what can you actually expect if you swap work or jobseeking for postgraduate research? Read Sam's story.

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 by Alex van der Wateren
, posted on 28 May '20

How My Masters Course Helped Prepare Me for PhD Research

A Masters degree isn’t just a hoop to jump through to be considered for PhD positions. Find out how a Masters can prepare you for life as a doctoral student.

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 by Sofia Raftopoulou
, posted on 11 May '20

PhD Study in the Times of COVID – How to Stay on Track

Managing a PhD project during the coronavirus outbreak is challenging, but it isn't impossible. Sofia shares her own experience and advice.

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 by Alex van der Wateren
, posted on 29 Apr '20

How to Find the Perfect PhD Position in STEM

Finding the ideal PhD research project isn't always easy. We've explained how to go about deciding whether research is right for you and how to secure that perfect position.

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 by Mark Bennett
, posted on 21 Apr '20

Working From Home as a Postgraduate

You might be considering it, or you might be temporarily forced into it, but what's working from home as a postgrad student actually like?

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 by Victoria Huber
, posted on 14 Apr '20

To PhD or Not to PhD?

As prestigious as it is and fulfilling as it can be, a PhD isn't for everyone. So how do you know if it's the right option for you? Victoria's story offers some advice for anyone reflecting on their plans right now.

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